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Bellevue – Factoria Walmart Store Fact Sheet

Walmart Goods and Services in Bellevue

Walmart has plans to build a new store in the Factoria Mall space once occupied by Mervyn’s. The space has been vacant for five years. The new store will include a full-range of general merchandise and expanded fresh food consisting of frozen foods, deli meats and produce.

Location and Design

The store will be located at 4126 124th Ave. SE, at the intersection of SE 41st Ln. and 124th.  The store will be approximately 76,000 square feet. The dates for construction-start and grand-opening have not yet been determined.

Jobs and Career Opportunities

The store will create approximately 125 quality jobs for associates and additional temporary workers during the store’s construction. Walmart is committed to promoting from within, demonstrated by the fact that nationally, nearly 75 percent of the Walmart store management team started in hourly positions.

Walmart associates receive competitive wages and benefits. Walmart’s average wages for regular full‐time hourly associates in Washington as of October 2011 is $12.79 per hour. Walmart offers affordable health and dental coverage, 401(k) plans and other incentives.

Economic Impacts

Walmart stores are often a leading source of sales tax revenue for local government, funding important public services that are essential to protecting a community’s way of life, such as public safety, schools, roads, and other critical infrastructure needs. When today’s economy is forcing local government to consider between cutting critical public services or raising taxes, increasing local sales tax revenue has taken on added importance.

On the state level, Walmart employs nearly 18,000 residents.  In FYE 2011, Walmart spent $2.5 billion for merchandise and services with 743 suppliers in the state. As a result of Walmart’s relationship with these suppliers, Walmart supports 99,672 supplier jobs in Washington.*

Community Benefits

Walmart is proud to support the local charitable causes that are important to our customers and associates in their own neighborhoods. Over the years, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation have supported organizations in and around Bellevue ‐‐‐ including the Overlake Hospital, Hopelink and Eastside Emergency Feeding Network — through financial contributions, in‐kind donations and store‐associate volunteerism.

In 2010, Walmart stores, Sam’s Club locations and the Walmart Foundation gave more than $11.9 million in cash and in‐kind donations to local organizations in the communities they serve in the state of Washington. Through additional funds donated by customers, and Walmart and Sam’s Club associates throughout the state, the retailer’s contribution in Washington totaled more than $12.9 million.


Walmart is a leader in the industry when it comes to sustainable construction practices. We include some of the most innovative environmental practices as standard features. Some features that will be employed in the new Bellevue store include:

  • Centralized Energy Management System to monitor and control energy usage, analyze refrigeration temperatures and observe HVAC and lighting.
  • Refrigerated food cases, restrooms and a few other areas will be illuminated with light emitting diodes (LEDs). For the remainder of the store, high efficiency ballasts for fluorescent lighting will be used.
  • LED lights are projected to last at least six years beyond conventional lighting, reducing maintenance costs.
  • In refrigerated food cases, LEDs will perform well in the cold and produce less heat than fluorescent bulbs – heat which must be compensated for by the refrigeration equipment.
  • Energy efficient HVAC units. The new HVAC system will utilize super high efficiency packaged HVAC units. While the industry standard EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) is 9.0, the proposed new units are rated at approximately 12.1 to 14.3.
  • The store will be actively dehumidified.  Lower humidity allows the refrigeration system to operate more efficiently and mitigates condensation on refrigerated glass doors.
  • Water‐conserving fixtures including low‐flow faucets and toilets will be installed. These measures could save approximately 70% of water used annually at this store.
  • White, energy-star rated TPO roofing will be used which will reflect the sunlight rather than absorbing, lowering the heat island effect, and reducing the cooling load of the store.

More information

  • Local Media Contact: Richard Kendall, Frause, 206‐352‐6402 (Statements and quotes on behalf of Walmart should not be obtained from or attributed to agency employees.)
  • Walmart media hotline: 1‐800‐331‐0085
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* Supplier information provided by Dun & Bradstreet